There’s so much to consider when planning a bathroom remodel. These rooms can be tricky because there are so many essentials that need to fit in what is typically the smallest room. Ambitious designers spend ample time in their planning to get the most out of the space, creating bathrooms that are inviting, comfortable, and use the space efficiently.

Natural light is an important design element in any room. Your bathroom presents a unique challenge when trying to place windows, as privacy is a priority. With some effort and creativity, you will find that choosing the right windows and their placement is a rewarding challenge.


Skylights are an obvious choice. Unless you have some very precocious squirrels living nearby, a skylight can fill your bathroom with light without compromising any privacy.

Fixed skylights, or classic skylights, consist of a window mounted in a hole in your roof and ceiling. This option is one of the most expensive, given that removing a portion of your roof and ceiling is a necessary step, but the results are dramatic. Views of the sky and a bathroom bathed in natural light make the investment worthwhile.

For a less invasive and less expensive option, consider a tubular skylight or solar tube. These contraptions include a reflective tube that carries light from the roof to the window mounted in your ceiling. This small skylight can be a significant light source in smaller rooms, but do not have the same views afforded by traditional options.

Eye Level and Above

Another option is to position transparent windows that are high enough on your wall that someone at street level cannot see into the room.

Transom windows are long rectangles, typically stationed above doorways. These are a popular choice for bathroom windows as the square footage of window spread out horizontally, making them ideal for maximizing the very top of your bathroom walls.

Hopper windows are similar to transoms, but they are fully operable. It is recommended that bathrooms have at least two methods of ventilation to prevent mold and mildew from building up in the humid hotspots of every home, so having at least one window that opens to the exterior is a wise choice.

High Opacity glass

Textured, etched, or smoked glass come in varying levels of opacity. There are several different versions available, some with illustrative etchings or abstract textures. Choosing an opaque design that suits your style opens up the possibilities for where the window is placed, as the light will still come through even though you cannot see clearly in or out of these windows.

Glass blocks are chunky cubes of glass that reflect light so intensely that they are nearly opaque. You can create custom designs with these modular building blocks, fill an entire wall with them, or choose a pre-formed option in typical window dimensions. No matter the permutation of the design, these are powerful privacy aides.

We hope this inspires your creativity as you approach choosing windows for your bathroom remodel. Please let us know if we can help you make your dream bathroom come to life.

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