Design potential in bathrooms is often overlooked. Bathrooms are the after-thought of many homes, places where we put in minimal effort to achieve what is necessary.

As you plan to remodel your bathroom, consider these tips to get the most out of your project. With some creative details, your boring bathroom can be a statement-making addition to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Tile Choices that Transform

 Use unusual tile design brighten up your new bathroom.

With designer tile, there’s no need to fill every wall or the whole floor. A kitchen-style backsplash behind the sink and vanity, a half wall from the ground up, or the smallest bathroom wall are all excellent candidates for a small but mighty tile placement.

Interesting shapes take your tile to new heights: tesselated stars, triangles, hexagons, and others breathe life into your remodel. Find inspiration for intricate geometric designs from ancient Islamic mosaic art, M.C. Escher, or Art Deco styles.

Depending on your chosen hue, your tile can make your bathroom feel brighter or darker, quirky or classic. Darker colors work best behind mirrors or on walls that get the most light, elsewhere they can make small spaces feel smaller. Light colors can go just about anywhere, but make the most impact in contrast to other colors in the room.

Repurpose Vintage Furniture for Rustic Appeal

Thrifty or eco-conscious homeowners already know: the benefits of reworking pre-loved furniture are not limited to saving money. With a little creativity, older pieces can be integrated into your new bathroom to add distinctive flair.

A talented carpenter can turn an antique dresser, vanity, or buffet into a centerpiece by adding a built-in sink. The options are endless when you consider the variety of styles that have come into fashion over the years. You may find that a piece you already own has the potential for a new life as your bathroom sink.

Vintage handles, faucets, hooks, and knobs can all be repurposed in your new bathroom. Try using wooden crates to create shelving by mounting them to your wall. These DIY projects are quick and easy ways to bring rustic design elements into your bathroom.

Modern and Minimalist Appliances Make a Bold Statement

Anchor your modern bathroom aesthetic with a monochrome color palette that plays off of different textures for contrast. A variety of materials in curated shades have a stunning, subdued effect. Metal, wood, glass, and ceramic in similar tones make their unique textures shine.

One-piece sinks and vanities are sleek additions to any modern bathroom. A countertop that dips smoothly to form the sink basin is an on-trend centerpiece for your bathroom. Choosing wall-mounted toilets and sinks add clean lines and unusual shapes to your remodel, and they make cleaning easier as well. These pieces bring a modern sensibility to an otherwise plain bathroom.

These ideas are just a taste of how you can tailor your bathroom to your style. Please let us know if we can help you research, design, or execute the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

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