Your bathroom, alongside your kitchen, can seem like the room in your house with the least amount of flexibility in design. The constraints that come with accommodating necessities, like your sink, shower, and toilet, can make designing your remodel daunting. In addition to negotiating the use of space with some bulky appliances, you should take into consideration how easy it will be to keep your new bathroom clean.

Smart design choices will save you time in the long run, as well as protect the investment you make in the bathroom of your dreams. Not to mention that a dirty bathroom is a breeding ground for germs. The easier your bathroom is to clean the less of a risk it poses to your health.

These tips will inspire you to design a gorgeous and low maintenance bathroom, and prove that even in small spaces there is room for creativity.

Dryness is Next to Godliness

Bathrooms are notorious collectors of mold and mildew. The reason is very simple: these plant-like growths need humidity to thrive. Thanks to your shower, the bathroom is the most humid room in the home. This can lead to expensive and time-consuming remediations, especially if your bathroom shares walls, floor, or ceiling with rooms that are rarely used.

When you remodel your bathroom you have the opportunity to prevent mold and mildew. With the addition of at least one operable window and a fan that vents to the outdoors, you can count on your new bathroom efficiently removing moisture and humidity before it starts causing issues.

Eliminating Nooks and Crannies = Eliminating Grime 

One of the things that make bathrooms difficult to keep clean are all the little hard-to-reach corners. Where the bottom of your toilet meets the floor, where tile meets the walls, where the toilet lid attaches to the seat, and every inch of grout all trap dirt and germs. They may seem unavoidable, but with great design and high-quality workmanship, you can avoid those traps altogether.

As you look for toilets consider some modern options that will cut out opportunities for grime to collect. Easily removable lids, wall mounted toilets, and toilets with “skirted” base (a base that is smooth all the way around and goes around all the dips and bends of the plumbing inside) are excellent options for your headache-free remodel.

Choosing large pieces of tile can eliminate excessive grout, with an added bonus of creating a more seamless appearance. There is no doubt that more detailed tile work is very beautiful, but when going that route choose your remodeling team very wisely. An experienced contractor will know what tile works best for your space and will execute your vision with precision.

Materials and Finishes Can Make or Break Your Remodel

By choosing quartz over marble for your countertops you gain a surface that’s easier to clean, resistant to stains and scratches, and is naturally less porous, without sacrificing any of its good looks.

Fixtures like the faucet of your sink or knob of your shower can be finished thoughtfully. Some options (like satin bronze) resist common unsightly ailments, like water spots and fingerprints, whereas others (like statement-making porcelain) come with greater upkeep to keep looking beautiful.

Even glass can be upgraded to match your new, low maintenance and pristine bathroom. Investing in a water-resistant coating can keep the glass in your bathroom looking spotless.

With so many options, we’re confident we can design and execute a bathroom that helps maintain itself, protects your investment, and stays gorgeous longer while eliminating upkeep.

Want to learn more about low maintenance bathrooms? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’re always happy to discuss your vision and answer your questions.

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