The first step to achieving a well organized, well loved, and low maintenance kitchen is a well thought out plan for your remodel. Without a strong foundation for the storage you need, your beautiful new kitchen will come with frustration down the line. A little forethought and planning go a long way in cutting out the clutter.

In fact, a recent poll by Real Simple found huge numbers of remodelers prioritizing storage. “75 percent said they were obsessed with decluttering their counters and 66 percent with putting things away.” With all the time and energy it saves over time, we think this is a trend that’s here to stay.

First Things First: Identify the Essentials  

Your kitchen is likely the most used room in the house. All that use means that keeping the space clean is even harder and more important. Save yourself time and stress by keeping the necessities super accessible in your kitchen.

Depending on how you use your kitchen those necessities will change, so it’s important to create a unique plan that fits your needs and has room to change. Whatever you put in them, keeping shelves shallow and drawers deep is a good technique to make sure everything in them is visible, easy to find, and ensures the contents won’t get lost in hard to reach places.

A deep cabinet that has drawers which can be pulled out completely is a great option for vertical storage. A small shelf, on the other hand, is a better solution for things that are used often, and always get put back in their precise place. The more often you use something the more specific its storage should be.

What to Show and How to Hide the Rest

There are lots of kitchen items that are so beautiful, sentimental, or precious that they are rarely used, such as wedding gifts or antique family pieces. Building in open storage for these objects turns them into a decorative centerpiece while keeping them safe and accessible for those special occasions.

Built-in storage for appliances like microwaves, blenders, and toasters keep your countertops clutter free. Heavier items can be hidden by a vertically opening door, or just within reach on a higher shelf. The goal is creating a space where they can be used without being moved while keeping them off your counter and slightly hidden.

(Tip: don’t forget about electricity and heat venting! Your perfect microwave sized shelf isn’t much help without a nearby outlet)

Multifunction Appliances Help you Get the Most Out of your Design 

Double down on functionality by choosing appliances and furniture that provide storage and eliminate the need for additional clutter.

Choosing a bench with built-in storage instead of chairs can create tons of hiding places while giving you room to entertain, or adding a sweet breakfast nook to your kitchen.

Butcher block makes for a beautiful countertop. It can double as a cutting board if it is properly seasoned and cleaned over time. A small rolling cart with storage below and butcher block on top can make for flexible, mobile storage for large kitchens.

A kitchen is the heart of a home, so keeping it clutter free is worth the extra planning and consideration. We hope this brief overview has sparked your imagination. Please let us know if we can help customize your storage needs to create a beautiful, low maintenance kitchen. We’re always happy to speak further about your vision and goals for the perfect kitchen remodel.

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